Cowon iAudio E2, Any good in combination with a Grado SR80i?


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Aug 10, 2019
This mp3 player seems perfect for me, but i do have one question and i hope someone can aswer it, if you have a high end headphone like the Grado Sr80i and connect it to this mp3 player, will it be a good match? I recently bought a Sandisk Clip Mp3 player who is actually VERY simular to this E2, but the only downside is that the volume level on the Clip is very low, even at maximum...will i get the same with the E2? I want to enjoy FLAC files on a reasonably high volume with my Grado headphones...i know the Cowon has FLAC support, but how high will the volume levels go? Does anybody know?


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Mar 11, 2005
If it helps, I have used a pair of SR80s with an ipod nano (1st gen I think) which has a limited max volume issue, and the combination isn't loud enough to be of any use other than in a quiet room. I know its not the E2 but if you have listened to an ipod then it might give you a useful reference.


Thank you Steve for your reply. I experienced the limited max volume issue with the Sandisk Sansa Clip and you're right that you can only enjoy music when there is very little background noise, like a quiet room. Now i am looking for a MP3 player that gives me the chance to fully enjoy my Grado headphones, but i have no idea which one i should go for. To bad that the E2 is mostly available on the internet at this point in time, because otherwise i could try it out for myself.

A classmate suggested the new Archos Vision (5), which is a expensive bit of tech, but is spending more than 100 pounds the only option for me if i want to enjoy FLAC music files with my Grado headphone?