Cool, small speakers for about £100.

Dazed and Confused

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Sep 10, 2007
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Hey there.

Looking for cool, small speakers to be connected to my Sonos ZP100 in the spare room. They must not be fussy about position, as they are going to be shoved in a corner or on bookshelf somewhere.

White, silver or pale wood, with a modern or minimalist design would be perfect. We looked at Tangent Evos - the size was good, the white colour was good, and the sound was good, but they were a little ugly. Too much black around the speakers - not very elegent. MA Radius in white look cool, but are too pricey. Eclipses look really nice. Way too pricey.

Would like something really funky looking, as long as they sound good too. They won't be played loud - but it would be nice if they could fill a room with high ceilings quite well.



You are asking for quite a lot.can you stretch to £150? you could get monitor audio's bronze 1's. Cracking small speakers which have some clatter to them.