Contentment plateau. Long. Again.


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Aug 10, 2019
I've been having soem traumas recently with my new system and getting to a state of contentment. Well I've finally got there, I think!

After reading Damiens reply to one of my posts the other day about his new interconnects, I took the plunge and got on the blower to some hifi dealers. Saturday morning me, the wife and three children hit the local sevenoaks in cambridge. After expressing some doubt over differences in cables and interconnects I was taken through to the listening room to sample a couple of options. ha - this'll show them up, I thought.

Well, blow me down. I was staggered. The chap played some vocal music (not sure what) and the first cable was played. "Ooh, thats a bit harsh" I said. "Yup" said the salesman.

On went the 2nd cable. "Wow - thats smoother". "Yup" Said the salesman.

It really sounded different. It really did. I don't know why. Honours Degree in Instrumentation Electronics and 20yrs experience and I don't understand. But I heard it.

And the wife heard it too!

So, ended up getting Van Den Hul D102 III and some Chord Rumour 4 speaker cable. I should note the salesman was not at all pushy and suggested I get the Rumour 2 to save some dosh, but the wife want closure to the whole thing, so got the 4 (she doesn't want lots of cables floating around).

This may be overspecced for my system, but I'm chuffed and amazed by the result and it'll do for the next upgrade.

It's like a blanket has been lifted off the speakers - it's really that noticable. It really is. I've had cheapy interconnects up till now because of my cynisism, so I would have accused me of imagining it, placebo affect etc. But it's there and it's real.

So - cheers for the advice Damien etc!

I suspect this is a contentment plateau though and soon I'll find something I'm not happy with!


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi Bloney

Really pleased to hear you're happy (for now!!)

Permission to save and reproduce this post every time someone starts a thread on how cables are a waste of money/all smoke and mirrors?!


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Jul 28, 2007
Well done Bloney, nothing feel quite likew hen you get the set up how you want it, is it friend.
Like Clare said I wouldn't pay too much attention to some long going debates (me included) as I always said in my posts "trust your ears".....if you like the sound, that's all it's matter.


Thanks Claire - yeah, if anyone has got any doubts about interconnects etc, why not pop into a decent dealer? From my experience recently, they'd be more than happy to demonstrate different cables, so you can see for yourself the difference (or otherwise!).

Aah, happiness!


Cheers, Thaiman! Yup - the debate is always a good one! And not one I understand either, but as you say - trust your ears. I guess everyone will preceive things differently to each other, so go and listen!