Connecting my Panasonic TX-32LXD700, DMR-EX77 DVD recorder and Sky box together!!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
I have recently bought a Panasonic TX-32LXD700 32" LCD and a DMR-EX77 DVD recorder which I aim to use with my Sky box (not a sky + or HD!) SIMPLE HUH! So why do I feel like throwing it all out the window?

Current set up as follows

Scart from LCD into Sky Box
HDMI from LCD into DVD recorder

Sky box
Scart from LCD (as above)
Scart from Sky Box into DVD Recorder

DVD Recorder
HMDI from LCD into DVD Recorder (as above)
Scart from Sky Box (as above)

I think I got the main aerial feed into the TV and then a aerial lead from Sky to DVD, if memory serves. It all seems okay, the Viera link is working which turns on the recorder and automates all that. I have the TV on powersave which does something funky with AV2 I think but means the recorder is pretty slow to boot up. When I push functional menu on the recorder remote and toggle the AV input so I can see the Sky channel I want to record the colours are really really strong, way to vivid and not at all like the normal picture set up when I watch Sky normally.

If you can offer some guidance and advice on how to set this all up so its works the best possible I will be grateful. I guess my main bug is the color when trying to record Sky, the rest I can live with so please help.

As you can tell - this is all a bit new for me


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Jan 21, 2008
Hi ya!
Managed to track down a manual here. It's a bit cluttered and unfriendly isn't it?
Anyway, it seems that you have too many connections to me. Refering to page 14 section C of the manual, you want the following.......
Scart from your Sky box to your DVD.
HDMI from your DVD to your Telly.
Aerial into your DVD.
Coaxial (aerial) from your DVD to your Telly
Refering to page 17 of the manual, it seems that if you want to retain full viera linking you also need to connect a scart from your DVD to your Telly. Note the required settings specified.
So, the main difference is that you had a scart running from the Skybox into your TV. The recommended approach (as per the manual) is to run the Skybox thru the DVD player and then onto the TV.
Hope that helps.


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