Connecting a Denon 1740 to TH37px70


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Aug 10, 2019

Apologies if this seems like a really daft question, but I have a Panasonic 37" plasma TV being delivered later today. I plan to buy a DVD player at the weekend (1740 currently front runner) and want to ask a question about connecting the two. I will buy an Amp and speakers once I have decided what to get, but this is likely to be a few weeks away.

Until I get the Amp, will the HDMI cable carry both picture and sound to the TV directly from the DVD player (planning on buying QED HDMI-P), or will I need to buy audio cables as well?

Question 2 - is there anything I need to look for in an Amp that will allow sound to be carried via HDMI from the Denon?

I am upgrading from a 21" CRT with only one Scart socket, hence no knowledge of the workings of hdmi.

Many thanks in advance.

Andy TW

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Jul 13, 2007
HDMI will carry both picture and sound from the DVD player to the TV.AFAIK as long as the amp has HDMI switching and supports the audio format being sent then it will be happy with the audio signal via HDMI. To allow for a possible future upgrade to Bluray/HD DVD I'd get an amp which supports the new Dolby HD and DTS HD formats such as the Onkyo 605.


Thanks for the reply Andy.

I am now in a quandry. I have a great price for a 1740, just about to go to the shop and buy - and the assistant throws in a curve ball!! She recommends I audition the Cambridge Audio DVD89. I know nothing about these, but she says it's far superior to the 1740.

A bit of research leads me to believe these have been out a long time, but an article on here implies new ones are due out about now. Does anyone have one, or has anyone reviewed the Cambridge Audio DVD 89.

I need the unit to play both DVD's and CD music.

Many thanks in advance (as always).


Better the devil you know. Didn't realise that you can't view kit in action at Richer sounds, so went with the 1740 as I know it has had good reviews. Cracking price by the way - £99.95:

...and yes, I am now getting sound through the TV via HDMI
Think I might have seen my future speakers to go with it - Kefs upgraded 1005's. My bug bear with the ones before was the colour!


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