Connecting a Blu-ray player to projector via component - PLEASE HELP!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am trying to connect a Sony S380 to an ancient Sony VPL-CX1projector via a component-VGA cable. (The Projector accepts component via VGA).

Projector stats:
Max input: 480i / 480p.
Max resolution: 1024*768.

When the S380 video output is set to 480i/576i I get a barely adequate picture, colorful but quite soft.

But when I select 480p/576p the screen goes blank. I think the blu-ray automatically defaulted to 576p, as it's a UK PAL player. I assume the projector did not accept it because it was built for the NTSC market and so only accepts 480p, not 576p.

Anyone got any bright ideas? (I can't afford an HD projector). Could I change the country settings to make the player believe I'm in an NTSC country?

There does not seem to be an option to select NTSC output. And I know Blu-ray does away with the whole NTSC/PAL thing, but this happens to whatever I put in the player: Blu-ray, DVD, iplayer, whatever.

Any help appreciated. THANKS!


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Aug 27, 2008
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I cant see anything you can do with the equipment you have

Way I see it, you cant afford an HD projector, so id be looking at a bluray or dvd player (Dont see the point in a bluray player if your watching everything in less than standard PAL output anyways) that forces conversion to NTSC.

That said, I dont personally know of any that would compress a bluray down to 480 as its clearly not what blurays all about. I might see if my Oppo has the option later if your interested?

Youve got to understand the projector is made for NTSC dvds only. The projector then upscales so it looks ok on the size your looking at.

What your asking for is conversion to NTSC (bad) downscale to 480 (more bad) then upscale to fit the projector (Even more processing). A bluray picture using a very good scaler would look no better than a standard dvd at best, and probably far worse than watching an NTSC dvd