Connectiions - Onkyo 605 and Tannoy TS 10 active subwoofer


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Aug 10, 2019
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In the Awards 2007 issue the midrange price home theater system was recommended as Onkyo 605 and Tannoy Mercury F1 composition. The subwoofer (TS 10) in this system has conventional line in connections plus some XLR connections (I have no idea what XLR connections mean). Onkyo has a pre out subwoofer connection plus another subwoofer connection in the DVD section. What is the best way for connections to have full control on the sound quality and volume for the subwoofer when listening to a) music or b) movies? What type of cable should be used?

It is strange that the magazine review did not point out that a turntable ( I have Sony PS-434 with MM cartridge) needs a phono preamp to connect it to Onkyo receiver. Older models of receivers did not have this problem with phono input connections. People are still listening to their vinyl records. Is this some new trend that is taking place?


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Use the preout on the receiver to one of the line-ins on the sub. The other subwoofer connection on the 605 is an input, along with left/centre/right/surround left/surround right, for use with players with multichannel analogue outputs. The XLR connections on the sub are use to connect it to amplifiers with balanced XLR outputs.

Phono inputs are increasingly rare on stereo amplifiers and receivers alike, as fewer buyers are using them. However some receivers, such as the more expensive TX-SR875, do have a phono input, or you can use a phono preamp such as those from Pro-ject, which start from about £50.


Hello !
I have a quite similar problem, connecting one sub to two raftspeakers and an amp.
The sub is BRW10, the speakers are BR1s, and the amp is NAD 325. Well this could be a killer combination for the money, unfortunately the damn Brw10 sub only have inputs from the amp's pre-outs (LIne in RCA, Left and Right), but no outputs for the speakers, so I can't connect them too, but I 'm not able letting them connected to the amp either, because without the links between pre-outs and main in , I have no audio signal for the speakers. Surprisingly, the sub manual specifies that the only connection of the sub with the amp is by using the pre-outs and the Line Level of the sub, but fails to tell anything about what to do with the speakers. Do they assume that I only use the sub for listening ?
Another way suggested by some friends would be to directly connect the sub with the pre-outs of the audiocard (it's an ESI Maya, so I have 4 outs). But I can use for that a cable Twin RCA- Jack 6.3 mm (Maya have those big jack outs) ?