Connect RCA audio signals directly from the TV to Audio equipment to resolve Lip Sync?


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Aug 10, 2019
For those people who connect their DVD/Blu Ray players to their music Stereo Amplifiers via analogue RCA phono cables (but still connect their DVD/Blu Ray Players via HDMI cable to their TV's) which in most cases will mean they will experience bad lip syn problems, could you instead just run the RCA audio signals directly from the TV to a Stereo Amplifier to resolve Lip Sync that way

The reason why I say this is because when you just play your DVD through the TV there's usually no lip Sync at all..everything....picture and sound is in if you were now to feed the RCA audio signals from the TV to a Stereo Amp and listen through your stereo speakers you should be able to maintain that harmony.......shouldn't you?

Any thought's?


Approached a Denon dealer and received this response:

If the TV is compensating internally for the sync, then taking an audio output directly from the TV might well yield a better result than running directly from DVD into a stereo amp


.........and having bought a 2mtr run of QED 2 Phono to Phono and hooked this up from the Audio Output of my TV to my old but still great sounding Exposure Super XX Stereo Amp which more than 10 years old.......I can safely say that there is no longer a hint or even a sniff of Lip Sync distortion anymore when playing my DENON DVD 1940...and the main thing which I look out for when watching films believe it or not ( no...not all those loud bangs and funny noises that come from behind you and the sides....I think they call it surround sound) ...but......dialogue is now even clearer and more transparent than it was previously which has meant I've also been able to throw away my old trumpet


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