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Computer speakers

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Aug 10, 2019
I am looking for some decent speakers for my computer.

Budget is in the region of £100, though I will consider going higher. (£150 max)

They are intended to sit on my desk. I certainly do not have the space to get a seperate amp etc so active speakers are required.

They are intended primarily for listening to music. I do play games and watch TV/Films on my computer but I will more typically wear heaphones for that (goldring ns1000's).

I have been reccomended the following speakers:

Edifier R1600's, (2.0's £80)

M-Audio Studiophile AV-40's (2.0's £120)

and the Acoustic Energy Aego M's. (2.1's (£130)

I have my doubts about all three of them. Firstly with the Edifier's I can find very few reviews of them, which is a little troubling. They are also perhaps a little on the large size.

I have heard that the AV-40's have a permanent audible hum, which sounds like it could be a reall irritance - i dont want to be wasting £120 on humming speakers!

Finally I have seen criticsms of the Aego-M's sound quality for mid range and high range. I presume that these will have the most impressive bass, but I am not sure if this is really necessary for listening to music.

I guess I am looking for re-assurance from ownders of any of these speakers, or suggestions for alternatives.
Not open for further replies.