Complete starter Sonos system for £257.98!

These sort of deals are great if you are buying at the right time. I see Sevenoaks have the same deal on their website, and presumably all Sonos dealers by now? Whatever happened to resale price maintenance being dropped - this is clearly orchestrated!

The Play 3 was only £207 at August Bank Holiday, as we tracked in these very pages! So, in effect that price was £207+ £39 = £246. Didn't last long though.

Must admit I'm a bit confused as to why all this tinkering. I don't think it does the long-term value of audio gear any good to be treated like beer at a supermarket (one week at a silly high price, then 6 weeks at 30% off, for example), or sofas at a well-known chain.

Amazon in particular seem able to boost and drop prices hourly, maybe depending on the weather. Sat navs, cameras and other electronic gear seems to be afflicted. Brilliant if you snaffle the low price, otherwise a bit frustrating!

Thanks for highlighting it though, Clare!


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Dec 13, 2008
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Fab deal, Richer Sounds did a greaty deal over the August bank holiday. That's how i saved a packet and 'Sonosed' (from the verb Sonos!!!! :)) the whole house.


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