Comparison between B&W 683 & 704 Floorstander Speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Anyone any own/demo'ed B&W's 683 & 704 Floorstander Speakers?

I'm looking at either to pair with ARCAM's CD192 and A90 Amp and was hoping for some advice prior to demoing them.




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Sep 6, 2007
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I'm sure this has been covered already in the last week or so. If not ignore me, i may be having a case of deja vu...

Anyways... I auditioned the B&W 683's and the 684's a feww weeks back with my Arcam Alpha 9 integrated on its own and then partnered with the Alpha 9P power amp.

Both sets of speakers sounded amazing. Tight bass, great midrange and crisp and clear treble. Personally though, the 684's were better for me as the 683's were very gutsy with great low end, but i felt this drowned you out sometimes.

The 684's were superb. Very tight and deep bass and offered a level of hearing i've not heard in speakers for a while. I auditioned them with Leftfield, Fisherspooner, Underworld, some Metallica, Pink Floyd and some music along the lines of Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Madeline Perouyx (i dont think i've spelt that right...)

I have, in the past - about a year or so back, auditioned the 704's and the 703's but both were with Cyrus Pre amps and a series of monoblocks. Both sets of speakers sounded bloody amazing but i fel that they require just that bit more refined power that you'd get with the Cyrus set-up and dont think they'd sound as good as the 683's would with the Arcam amp and CD player.


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