Commonwealth games

We used to swim a lot (still not gone back post-pandemic and will probably wait until the dogs are a bit older) so I enjoy that.

Coverage yesterday from 7 was a pig's ear - supposedly showing us the best of what happened with athletics and swimming, but was almost all chat (with events noisily happening n the background) and one particular post-win celebration that went on for an eternity. Hoping for better!


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Changed channels the other day to see two boxers punching **** out of each other.
TV / media often give warnings of mildly violent content - often for obviously fictional stuff.
Yet I just stumbled across the boxing.....where was my warning? Just as well I'm not a snowflake.
When the fight finished and they took off the headgear, it turned out the boxers had been women....there had been no previous clues.
I know I'm an old git, but I preferred much (not all) of how the world used to be.
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