Combination CD, DVD, Blu Ray players


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Aug 10, 2019

I am new on this forum and would like to ask a question of all you knowledgable people.

My set up consists of a Technics SA - AX540 AV receiver with a pair of AR M1 speakers.

My Mission CD player has finally given the ghost and I am in the market for a new player.

I also have a TV set which I would like to couple into the system and play DVDs and (maybe) Blu Ray disks. The primary use of a player would be for Classical music CDs and I would not like to have to make do with inferior quality music reproduction compared with what I have had in the past.

My question then is this: Are there reasonably priced Blu ray players (or DVD players for that matter) which have a CD reproduction quality which will do justice to my classical CD collection?

Thank you in advance.


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There are DVD/Blu-ray players that play CDs to a good quality. However, if your main use is CDs I'd definitely purchase a dedicated CDP. This really depends on your budget: if you have the resources to buy a very good Universal player they will produce a CDs to a decent quality. Alternatively, space allowing I would look at good s/hand CDPs such as Arcam, Rotel, Exposure....


Thanks for that.
I have had a look around and came across the NAD557. Would that be one of the good Universal players? That would be within my budget.
I think the basic answer to your question is no.

I would tend to agree that for the money a stand alone cd player is your best bet.

I have not seen much on the NAD you mention but the only other player in this price range is the Cambridge Audio CA650BD, after that it is quite a price hike up to the next level.



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