Nov 30, 2015
I need some help. I have been looking at multi room audio and really liked both the sonos and musaic systems, my only reservation is the sonos system seems way over priced when you want to add in an existing stereo (I have 2 rooms with decent sound systems in I want to include) and musaic don't have a solution for this yet.

Having looked at Chromecast audio I think I want to go with that based on the promise of future multi room support. My question to the experts here is

For the rooms that currently do not have sound systems what should I go for for best price/performance trade off. I had looked at the wharfdale ds1 as they seem to review well but I wonder if I could do better if I can find something with Bluetooth and NFC etc...

My key concerns are:

Could be active speakers or passive with amp as long as the amp is small and could be mounted out of the way.

Would consider a micro system if the unit looks nice enough

Should not cost more than sonos play:3 including the £30 for the Chromecast although the cheaper the better while still meeting the next consideration would be best.

Should have performance and sound quality equivalent (hopefully better than) sonos.

Any help appreciated

I asked the same question about Sonos' price 6 years, I'm glad I went for Sonos nevertheless. It's a robust system, haven't had any problems all these years:


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Dec 1, 2015
Please dont think I'm kidding but Lidl are doing streaming unit's this week on the 3rd Dec.check it out, it's a lot cheaper than Sonos.Plus a 3 year guarantee.

Oh dear, you're right

Bear in mind it's not only the product itself, but manufacturer support by means of updates etc. that's important. Some of the competition have disappeared while new ones have emerged, but I'm confident of Sonos being around even after 10 years.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
I'm currently playing with a pair of here), which offer multiroom out of the box (though it is a bit fiddly to set up, and the user experience suffers a bit in comparison to Sonos, IMO). Full review to come, but if you just want spotify connect or to access music on your PC or NAS, it works rather well. A little more expensive than Chromecast, just depends on whether you want to wait for the multiroom on the Google device speculatively.


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