Chord Company launches GroundARAY noise-reduction family for your hi-fi separates


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Jul 17, 2015
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The snake oil sellers are at it again! What will they come up with next... If you are considering this as a sensible upgrade/investment to your system, please come and see me first. I've got some great deals on my new product " Oxyfin" that I've just come up with. It's a dynamic air device that oscillates the air around your speakers reducing harmonic drag and eliminating distortion created by stale air inside your house. The effect on the soundstage is staggering. Close your eyes and you will literally feel a breath of fresh air enveloping your music. The metal mesh on the front dynamically filters the air and reduces harmful electrostatics floating in the air, and helps reduce the impact of high frequencies created by wireless devices around your home, further enhancing your speaker's soundstage. The reduction in drag created by our device also helps your speakers work more efficiently. It might look like a traditional desk fan, but don't let the appearance put you off, we've designed these units to blend in by making them look like normal household items. Chord, if you need any more ideas, you know where to find me!


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Nov 27, 2008
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I spoke to my local dealer, who tells me they can hear a difference on a Linn DS and a Naim 555 based system, so it must be true! However, what is an extra £550 when you have a £40k system? I wonder if I will hear a noticeable uplift when I try it with a Naim 200/202/Kudos X3's based system? Why would Linn and Naim design equipment that does not reject stray RF? I shall loan some next month, and see if I can "hear" any difference? Will the difference I hear make the sound more correct? or incorrect?


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