choosing the right crossover settings for your speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi , i would like to hear peoples opinon on setting up crossover settings for their speakers,on av reciever,after reading numerous articles on this i find this fascinating,most people suggest including thx to select crossover at 80hz,even if you have large speakers which can go down to 35hz i have monitor audio rs6 av package including rsw12, the right and left main speaker frequencies,are supposed to be 38hz-30khz ,centre 45hz-30khz and surrounds 60 hz-30khz ,a lot of opinon is if you set the speakers to large in reciever is not good as a lot of dolby digita and dts contain low frequencies which even large speakers cannot produce thus this is where sub comes in,it is said to set all speakers to small set a crossover point say 60hz to 80hz,in this case and all frequencies below 60hz -80hz will be routed to sub and this will give better bass management and also greater dynamics accross the range,some recievers have only crossover settings for all speakers yamaha for example 40hz 60hz 80hz and so on ,where as denon and onkyo have crossover settings for individual speakers.if you have speakers with different frequency response as i have and you set individual crossovers for large speakers say 40hz in this case and say 80hz for surrounds it is not recommended as then you end up with a gap or hole (audio terminology)it is recommended to have one setting for all speakers say 60hz and route all bass below this it says this frees up you speakers to perform to their best and reduces the load on your amp and also a lot will depend on room and position of sub .i would welcome any views on this,as i am sure there is a lot of different opinons out there especially from what hifi team and readers out there.


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