Choosing my new TV - Help ! (Pana TH-42PX70 vs SONY KDL-40V3000)


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've just started to do some research into my first new TV for 8 years and have just finished reading the latest copy of what hi fi which was very helpful (and could be the undoing of my bank account!!)

After reading the reviews, I went to take a look at the award winning Pansonic TH-42PX70 with a view to buying it but I was a little disappointed by the look of it...a little plasticy I thought.

Then I saw the Sony KDL-40V3000 and I fell in love with its looks with the glossy black frame ! - but I havent really been able to find a constructive review on this set .

Does anyone have any feedback they could give me ? Is it any good ?

Im not an expert in this field, and I would be running the set on normal freeview and intended to buy a PS3 to watch some films on the blue ray format, but having looked at the LCD TVS when hooked up to the terrestrial signal I was a little disappointed at the picture after seeing them all running the HD demos in the shop !..

Anyway, any help really appreciated !! Is the set set just fine or should I really stop being such a style victim and go for the Pana ?



Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Go for the Pans plasma - we judged it a superior performer to the 'W' version of the Sony set you like the looks of, and the 'V' is the model down from that one....

Believe me, you'll be enjoying the picture so much, you won't notice the set itself!


Thanks guys.

I went to have another look at the pansonic today and I have to say it looked much better 2nd time around and my wife really liked it.

Went on line and managed to get it for £665 from Dixons as I found a promotional code (fate ? there 70th birthday prmotion finished at midnight tonight!!) through one of the price check search engines so i'm very happy ! I have also ordered an alphason AG94 stand to put it on.

One point..I notice that in your buying guide you place an emphasis on choosing a retailer who can support you (although I guess i'm a bit of a hypocrite buying my set of the net!). Well I went into Currys and what a joke.

I aksed to see the 2 sets I liked with a standard freeview signal and was told by a young lad that they cant really do that but theres not really much difference to the HD demo DVD's they were playing !!! Incredible.

I also asked his opinion on the Sony vs Panasonic. His answer ? Your just paying for the name with Sony !!

Comet arent perfect but in my experience they are in a different league to Currys. Also much give a special mention to Swindon Sony Centre. The young lad there had an answer to every question, gave an honest and balanced opinion in the Plasma vs LCD debate, and I left the shop with an armful of information and a business card. Shame he didnt get my business in the end..they were offering a great deal..same set price as Comet, £200 of a PS3, 5 year warranty and free delivery/installation. Had I gone the Sony route I would have probably gone for that.

By the way, can I just say that this forum for me, is what forums are about, People discussing there hobby and gaining valuable infomation from each other. Sounds obvious, but i'm a member of some other forums to for my other hobbies and its sad to see that they are taken over most of the time by completely unrelated drivel !

Just got to save up for that Sony DAV-IS10 Home theatre set up now you rated....Your gonna cost me a fortune What Hi Fi !!!