Choosing 40 - 50in Plas/LCD


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all

In the market for either a plasma or LCD in this size bracket. Those on the shortlist:

Panny TH42 PX700 Panny TH50 PX70 (Both Plasma)

Sony KDL 46S2530 Sharp LC42 & 46 XD1E (all LCD's)

Use will be mostly SD, considering Sky HD, have an Xbox 360 (considering upgrading to Elite), may also get DVD along lines of Panny DMR EX87.

Have done a lot of reading on here, and also used another mag (sometimes very different views). Had read a cracking review of Panny PX700 and viewed it at Panny shop, very good picture, 3HDMI's and supposedly cracking sound system. Not much views of it on here (too new perhaps?) - anybody care to rate it?

Have also read good reviews of the Sharp, I see on here you don't think its much cop, and can't find any review whatsoever on the Sony. Our 32in CRT has just blew so we're watching a 14inch CRT - Clare, you can't possibly make us wait until 20 Sep. lol - any recommendations please before that time? All other views very welcome.

Lastly our living room is 4x4 so screen will be max 3.5m from us - is sore eyes/head really a symptom of watching a 50inch at this range?



50 inch is fine at that range, I'm 2.5m from mine.

Samsung PS50Q97HDX is what I have. Very nice too! £1050 on the web. The Panny you mention get's good reviews too. I'd get one of these two, not an LCD at the size.


Depends on yr budget I guess.... for around £1-1.1K, the 50" panny 70 (or Samsung) look good TV's, if you can run to another +£1K, the 50" panny 700 could look good.
I have the 50" panny 70 in a similar size room, tried a 42" but looks almost too small (its now in the bedroom) - normal at best - the 50" looks good !
Good Luck.


The best Value for money 42ins Plasma's I've seen with the exception of the over-hyped, over reviewed and over priced Pioneer displays( and I've seen a whole load of TV's over the last few weeks-some even4/5 times that the High Street shops are probably now considering banning me, as all I've done is to go into the same shop several times, seek information, but not buy) for SD Sky and Freeview is the Panasonic TH42PX70 and the Samsung 42PSQ97HDX. At 50 inches I'm in doubt if there's anything out there right now can significantly surpass the Samsung 50PSQ97HDX.........It's SD pictures given it's 50 ins size ( albeit the 1336 X 768 helps here) is great!


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