Choice of surround speakers


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Apr 11, 2011
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I need some advice on how to choose surround speakers. I currently have B&W CM8's and CMC2 and my old floorstander Wharfedale Evo 2-30 as surrounds. I want to have bookshlefs or in-ceiling as surrounds and I want some advice.

I am thinking of going the B&W route for the sake of uniformity though it's said that you can get away with a different brand surrounds. I can go for either of the following speakers: B&W 685 or CM5 or the in ceiling B&W. I use my system for both HT and music but when I play music I dont do multichannel but 2 channel stereo only. My surrounds only come on during Movie and normal TV watching

Price is always an issue because of opportunity costs but I always want to get the best out of my system. I know some of you will say its your ears and your money but I just want a response based on your experience of surround speakers and the role they play.


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Jul 26, 2008
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sorry forgot do some searching and you should be able to pick these up at a good I think if you are near a good dealer they mey very well have these on dem


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