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Aug 10, 2019
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I want to upgrade my stereo set-up to something that makes movies a little more enjoyable. My existing kit includes; Cambridge Audio A5 amplifier, Marantz CD5400 CD player, Mission m73i speakers, Sony NS76H upscaling DVD player, and an Acer 32" LCD TV.
I'll be replacing the stereo amp with a Denon AVR1507 that I've read excellent reviews about, however can't decided between adding a matching mission centre speaker such as the M3C2, or trading in my existing missions and getting a full 5.1 speaker package such as the KEF1005.2.
- Would the KEFs feel small and lack presence compared with my full size floorstanding missions?
- Is the musical performance of the KEF/Denon combination any good? I'm not looking for amazing musical performance but I need it to be bearable - some of my friends' DVD/surround set-ups are dreadful when it comes to playing anything other than movies.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi there

The baby KEFs are excellent at what they do - budget surround sound with style - but if you're used to a full-size speaker sound, I think you would find them too small-scale, especially with music. So, I'd suggest the Mission centre is the way forward.

I'd also be aware that the Denon receiver, while good in its price for what it does, won't be as musical as a dedicated stereo amp in the same (or even slightly higher) price class, so you may have to be prepared for some compromise for having an integrated system.


Thanks for the advice - I'll stick to building on the speakers I already have and prehaps add some full size rears once the budget (and wife) allows.


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