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Choice between PSB T6 and GoldenEar Triton 7


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Dec 27, 2013
Please weigh in with your opinion if you've heard and seen both. I am trying to find a place to demo them together but that's not always easy. I will be running a Rega Brio-R in a medium/large room and I listen to all type of music but mostly rock and jazz. Thanks


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May 1, 2012
Hi Kenneth, and welcome to the WHF forum!

Your thread has been rather quiet the past 24 hours... I imagine that's because the two speakers you mention are not well known here in Europe.

So just my 2 pc...

I've never heard or seen PSB speakers. I understand they're Canadian, built in China. But they're not available here (here = Belgium in my case).

As for the GoldenEars: I've had a listen to the Triton2, about a year ago. But the speakers came fresh out of the packaging, not a minute of running in. And indeed they sounded disappointing. Other forum members have heard them perform clearly better though (Oldric mentioned they worked really well with Leben amplification on some hifi show). And the reviews are very positive (for the 7 also, apparently). As for their looks: not really repulsive, but not great either.

The 7 has no inbuilt bass amplification, so I suppose it needs a more powerful amp than the 2 does. But the Brio might get away with it.

As for auditioning: if you can't hear the speakers in the same place, do try to drive them with your own amp. Our aural memory is pretty short, so it's difficult to compare them this way. Just see if the music can move you, can touch you emotionally. It's my experience that this is the quality that's most reliable if you compare equipment rather long time apart.

A final tip: repost your question on a US-based forum. You might get significantly more replies!

Good luck! :cheers:



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