Cheapy AV, CDplayer and Speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

Just wanted to know if I am the only one in this forum that has a cheapy system and is completely in love with it????

I have a
Yamaha DSP 590
Kenwood CD Player
AMC T7 Tunner
Philips DVD Player (really cheap - £30)
Aqustic Solutions floor standers (very cheap - if I remember correctly I prob paid £60 for the pair!!!)
Paradigm PR8 Sub
Eltax cheapy sur spk (£9.99 for the pair in RS on sale)
Cam Aud Centre Spk

The whole thing cost me very little money compared to what is discussed in this forum. But I absultely love it!

While I keep up to date with the latest development in the AV world, I can't actually afford it! It seems far too expensive. I am sure most of you will be itching to tell me the benefits of a newest AV receiver and etc..... but I think for my needs I have enough. The movies from my Sky Digital (not HD)or DVD player sounds fantastic, my paradigm sub fills the room with deep sound effects and plenty of vibration to make the hair in the back of my neck stand. The Yamaha is great for music on both the CD player and Tunner. I listen to it on the 2.1 setting. The sub blends in smoothly to give a punchy, deep bass note. The floor standing spk themselves have a incredible punchy sound.

Does anyone else on this forum run a cheapy system but love it to bits?

What do you have?

Tim MP


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Jan 8, 2011
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Creek 4330 amp (100 quid) and JPW Sonata speakers (had them for 20+ years, go dirt cheap--20-30 quid on auction sites).

I'm cheating a bit at the moment by feeding them (Spotify+PC) with a very good DAC, but even with just a phono lead out of my soundcard it makes a decent sound.