Changing boxes with Sky


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Jan 13, 2008
Hi Guys and daveh75

My Wife's grandparents have a really old sky box that is starting to play up. I have a spare Sky box and a spare Sky + box and just wondered if I can just swap one box for another??

I am assuming I could just swap the old standard Sky box for the newer model as the cards look the same. Will this work??

Additionally, could I swap the old standard box for the Sky + box?? Would their subscrition need to be upgraded?? Would a new viewing card be needed??

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Jul 31, 2008
Yeah if they're both standard digi boxes then you can just swap one for the other! Although you will need to phone Sky once you've swapped the boxes to get your grandparents viewing card paired to the new(your old box)

If your swapping a standard digi box for a Sky+ then you'll also need a multi-port LNB and extra cabling added to feed the second tuner if you want the recording facility's to work! Also yes there will/maybe an extra charge each month for the record function of the sky+ but cost will depend on what package your grandparent's are on.Again you will also have to give Sky a ring after set-up to get the card paired to the new box.