Centre to Match KEF Celeste II


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello All,

I'm planning my first Home Cinema surround system. Budget isn't huge, and having decided I can live without upscaling the amp is likely to be the Yamaha rx-v371.

Speaker packages I've been considering are things like the Canton Movie 125 MX or if I can push the budget the Tannoy HTS101.

However, I do have a pair of old KEF Celeste II floorstanders which I could use as the fronts. I've used them in a stereo set up for movies before (currently they're in a different room connected to a stero) and they sound fantastic. The problem then is matching a centre. Would any of the modern KEF centres work well with these or have things moved on and changed too much? Budget for a centre would be 100-150.

Any thoughts appreciated!



Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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Probably the nearest and most ideal KEF centre would be the TDM23c, which was part of their THX package many moons ago. Alternatively, not much else will sound that similar, so look around for the Reference 90 or Reference 100 UniQ centres, which you should pick up quite easily within your budget.


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