CD 6002 vs 640C V2


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Aug 10, 2019
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Starting assembling my HiFi a few months back, due to cash flow constraints i've done this in bits initially buying Tannoy Mercury F2 speakers on Atacama Nexus speaker stands, later adding CA Azur 340ASE amp with CA Artic interconnects. Finally getting to the CD player and set my sights slightly higher, speaker/stands were £170, amp £180 looking to spend £200-£250 on the CD player options are:

CA Azur 540C V2, CA Azur 640C V2 or the Marantz CD 6002 which ive seen for £250.

I'd appreciate any advice on what would give me the best value for money bearing in mind my current set up and the fact i cant afford to change whats already in place.

As a footnote will be getting some new cables too any suggestions on that?


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Jul 24, 2007
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Also dont rule oput the Audiolab 8000cde .

The Marantz CD 6002 is a great player for the money.

If you were to go 2nd hand there would be many better options such as Rotel. Arcam and Creek and even some Linn.


richer sounds often get marantz stuff in shortly after it goes on sale elsewhere.If you can wait a month or so pop into your local richer sounds ( if you have one) and try to arrange a demo between the two. i have not heard either of them so i would not want to steer you in any particular direction at the moment other than i know they are both supposed to be v good for the money.


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