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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Forum,

Perhaps you can help me with my problem. I bought a Yamaha 1065 from Richer Sounds which after 6 months promptly packed up and they can't fix it. They are kindly replacing it and have offered me either the Denon 2310 (which is highly rated on here) or the MR1061 (which I have discounted as it doesn't do half of what I need it for).

The system is simple 5.1 with Monitor Audio built-in wall Silvers with a Samsung 7 Series 46in. I don't need anything fancy however I do have an outdoor Zone 2 (which one day .... I hope ... to add a projector to for an outdoor cinema). So I am thinking about upgrading to the Onkyo TXNR1007 which is listed on the richer sounds website. It isn't reviewed here so I thought some of you might have some thoughts or realistically am I going too overboard?

Thoughts / advice would be really appriciated.




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Dec 28, 2007
Can you clarify what speakers you have? Is it the Monitor Audio Silver RX range that you've built into the wall or something else?

On the plus side for the Onkyo, it has two HDMI outputs (the Denon only has one) which might make life easier later on for an outdoor cinema...


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