Cantilever Abuse

Geoff P.

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Mar 29, 2022
This may not be the best place for this, but it is a salutory tale.
Did readers in Wales see the piece on the vinyl revival, by the BBC Wales consumer programme " X-Ray " ?
The opening sequence showed a close-up of someone placing the stylus on a record, but instead of using the finger lift with one finger underneath, they use thumb and forefinger to grip the lift, to "put" the stylus down ! The resultant gross overload was seen to bend the cantilever up under the body !
If you want to witness this hifi cruelty, it's available to all on BBC Iplayer ( episode 11, after about 20 mins ).
Brace yourselves !


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I guess there is a generation or two, who simply never experienced ‘playing a record’?

Odd to think as I was brought up with a record player plugged into a table radio, before the folks could afford a ‘radiogram’. By then I had learned that separate speakers were a thing, so we had a sort of console thing with two separate speakers wired in instead.