cannot set up panasonic blu-ray dmp-bd35 to my sony STR-DG820 av receiver


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Aug 10, 2019
can anyone please help me as I am at wits end regarding the above 2 set-up. I bought these 2 on the high recommendations of what hi fi glowing 5 star awards. In feb 2009 i bought the 2 items but was never in a position to unleash their full potential until I got my Panasonic TX-P46S10B in Sept.. However I have tried and tried without any success to set these 2 up but have failed.I cannot get the sony av to display the Blu-ray disc's audio output ie: the film 'Righteous Kill' is made in DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO 7.1 but all the sony displays is HDMI and DTS and nothing more this when digital output is set to Bitstream and HDMI is set to on for audio and video. On the film 'National Treasure 2' made in Dolby TrueHD all the sony displays is HDMI Dolby. All cabling is by QED HDMI-P . I have contacted sony and panasonic about these problems both defend their own product without giving any constructive advice. You tested the 2 items how on earth did you get them to speak to each other !!!!

Also I am told something about PCM and LPCM you can set these up in panansonic my other questions are:

If set to bitsream does this mean the av decodes the required sound for playback

If set to PCM does this mean the av cannot decode the sound, but then what state of sound is actually being outputted through the speakers?

Plesae don't just answer the last 2 questions only I need complete answers. Or should I have bought the sony BDP-S360 and the 2 would have been made by the same supplier.



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Nov 15, 2008
If you want the AV Receiver to perform the decoding, then you should set the player to output bitstream. Bitstreaming = sending raw data straight from the disc to be decoded externally i.e. by your AV Receiver. By setting the player to LPCM, the player is doing the decoding. LPCM is basically the language that the receiver understands.

Have you set 'Secondary Audio' to OFF? I'll bet this is what is not set correctly.

Bluray has audio limitations whereby on certain disc's features e.g. P.I.P. and audio commentary (in other words, most of the stuff, that no one really cares about), you need to set the player to do the decoding as it cannot be bitstreamed. Blame Sony et al for this and the various other confusing profile issues but rest assured if you set the player to output LPCM and you have selected the HD audio soundtrack at the menu you are hearing the HD audio soundtrack, it's just the AV Receiver does not know what audio format it is as it is receiving the only language it can undertand which is LPCM. Decoding is simply 'unzipping' and although some people maintain that they can tell the difference, I personally think that it simply differing volume levels and it doesn't really matter where the decoding is done.

Also make sure your AV receiver is set to AFD so that it automatically decodes what is received.


I have the Str-dg820, (with the Bdp-s360) and had the same issues.

Hopefully by following the advice already given this should sort the problem out.

If not I can pm my settings on the 820 (and 360, but doubt if these would be of help/use)




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Nov 2, 2008
I had the same problem with the bd35 & my yamaha 863.I was pulling my hair out,even took my bd35 to the dealer i bought the amp from & they played with it for over an hour connected to their 863 & couldn't get the HD audio.,.but got it first time on connecting a pioneer.

In digital audio,set all 3 to bitstream & set secondary audio to OFF. With all 3 set to bitstream the player passes decoding to the amp.

In HDMI connection,be cetain HDMI audio is set to ON.

Set viera link to OFF .Panasonic told the dealer to do this.

Having said all that,mine was only sorted by a firmware update.

Have you updated it ?.


Thanks to everybody who wrote with advice about the above problem. I now have fixed it, after finally deciding to reset the Panasonic DMP-BD35 back to factory settings and then going through each setting asking the unit to output bitstream I came across a setting which was 'PCM Down Conversion' - ON or OFF this setting was set to ON after I reset it top OFF everything seemed to work perfect.

I now can see DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 scroll across the Sony AV STR-DG820 to my delight along with Dolby TrueHD.

So again thanks, it wasn't the BD-Video Secondary Audio being on, in fact this made no difference once the PCM Down Conversion was switched OFF!!!

Isn't it nice when everything works as it should do!




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