Cancelling Netflix? This is the streaming service for real movie fans


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Jan 5, 2013
I cancelled Netflix last month. Strange sense of loss for first fortnight. Almost a desperation at not having access any longer...a dependence. But then a sense of freedom emerged. But I've nonetheless watched a lot of films since. My BDs, DVDs have all got a look in again. It's been great.

With each film I picked out of my 'decanted collection' (in draws, in sleeves, no cases) I had the "naa, I know that film back to front" thought initially, but after overcoming the urge to choose something else I watched the film anyway. Each time was a good move...I've been glued. 'Don't remember that'...' I forgot about that' ..etc with every film. That's a buzz. Old sometimes isn't old.

And also my watching is once again rebalanced against my music listening: my music listening has gone right back up. Forgot what it was like. Amazon Video/Prime is next for the axe now I think. And I'll save money, which is a very good idea now with the way things are.


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