Can speakers be too close to the screen


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Aug 10, 2019
Space is at a bit of a premium in my lounge and the way my home cinema will be set up, my tonnoy f1 customs front speaks will be right next to my pana 42pz70. Now a friend mentioned in passing that having the speakers too close to the set could damage the screen. Something about magnets.. my science isn't amazing so I'm not sure what he was on about. But anyway.. long or short of it, he said I could damage my telly. Is he right? Another question about placement of my centre speaker. I was thinking about puting this above the tv on a shelf. Is this ok? I mean.. will I lose quality by putting the speaker there. Thanks

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
It's only really a problem with CRT TVs, where the magnets in the speakers can affect the steering of the electron guns used to 'paint' the picture.

And anyway, the F1 Customs and all centre speakers are magnatiically shielded to avoid this problem.

Yes that centre positioning would be fine - just use some rubber washers or something behind the rear of the speaker to give it a slight downward tilt, so it's aimed directly at the listening position.


Much appreciated Mr Everard... Home cinema here I come!!!!


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