Can someone please advise on this potential upgrade


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Mar 6, 2013
Hi all, I currently have a Denon AVR-1906 amp and Canton Movie CD101 speaker package. I've had them for maybe 6 years and I'm keen to upgrade both - but on a limited budget.

I have finally reduce the choice of amp to two options; either the Yamaha RXV373 or the Pioneer VSX922, and settled on the Wharfedale DX1 HCP speaker package.

My problem however is that these new components are in a similar price bracket to my current setup so I'm concerned that I may not hear any actual improvement. I do intend to listen to them at Richer Sounds but that won't be a comparative test against my current setup so I still won't know.

Can anyone offer any opinions?



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Dec 13, 2010
The amp is definately worth upgrading now to access the new features that have filtered down to this price point.

As a 1v1 comparison I'm not sure if the Wharfdale's are as much of a leap forward. If you absolutely cannot afford to save any more then it's worth considering. If at all possible I would look to save for a bit longer and splash out on a much bigger upgrade along the lines of the Dali Zensor range or Monitor Audio Bronze.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
You are correct in your summary - with the receivers being of a similar price bracket, you won't really find them any better as far as amplification is concerned. What you will hear though is the difference in presentation between these manufacturers. As mentioned, due to features filtering down over the years, a receiver like the 922 will have more features than the 1906.


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