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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking at getting a freeview HD box but have no idea which to get. I haven't owned a live tv system in years (favouring catchup sites like iPlayer) but now want to upgrade a bit.

What I would like from the box:

Freeview HD, 1080p output if possible, decent upscaling if not.

5.1 Audio

Catchup services such as iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player

Ability to record, either to an internal drive or one that I network in or plug in via USB etc. Internal drive to essential as I have many external HDs

Ability to set recordings from my iPhone (I believe this is a standard of Freeview HD? Am I wrong in thinking this?)

Ability to stream media from my computers (not essential)

Ability to stream music over Airplay (not essential, and from a brief google search, it seems not possible)

Ability to access recordings through my computer so I can burn to disc/put on my iPhone (either by using an external hard drive, USB stick or through the network) (not essential)

Decent menus and remote, or ability to use an iOS app as a remote (not essential)

Can you tick all my boxes? Is there some magical device that does all/most of these things? Will it cost me the earth (hope not..)?

Thanks in advance! For your help I can exchange any knowledge you may require that I am able to offer... although I don't know much about freeview boxes (as you may be able to tell)


apple TV box, make the most of it,will do some things you have stated


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