Can I use Squeezebox to play iTune purchases


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Aug 11, 2010
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Sorry if it's a bit of a simple issue, I'm completely new to this.

For the last few years I have bought a substantial amount of music on iTunes. It's played either on my PC or ripped to a CD and played on that.

If I got a Squeezebox would I be able to stream all my iTune acquisitions wirelessly to my HiFi system in another room. And if so, would I need a separate DAC.



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Dec 16, 2003
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If you install and run Squeezebox Server on your PC you can point it to your iTunes library then the Squeezebox device will be able to stream it (assuming your iTunes library is in a compatible format)

No need for a seperate DAC. The DAC in the SB Touch is pretty good but, like me and many others, you may end up experimenting.

The Touch runs on a Linux kernel so if you reasonably computer literate you may want to have a look at other SlimDevice/Squeezebox specific forums as there's some modding you can do to the Touch to alter/improve* the sound.

*This is of course highly subjective and the source of much forum bickering elsewhere

John Duncan

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Caution: I understood that an SB wouldn't play DRM'd iTunes purchases, so if some of them are a couple of years old (I think it had totally gone by April 2009) they may not work. You can upgrade those pre-iTunes Plus purchases for a cost per track*

*or you can burn to a CD and reimport them ;-)


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