Can I drive 6 Ohm MAs?


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Apr 11, 2012
I posted a thread earlier asking for advice on purchasing standmounts or floorstanders. I was initially interested in the Tannoy Revolution DC6Ts but it was suggested that I look to standmounts instead. In the end, I settled on the Monitor Audio Silver RX2s. I'm saving up for them now but I wanted to make sure my equipment was ready.

I looked at the specifications and noticed the MAs are 6 Ohm. Looking on the back of my amp it says 8-16 Ohm. It's a Pioneer A-Z370. I've said it before - if you've heard of it I'll give you a medal, even Pioneer deny it was ever made. Anyway, it seems like a good amp, it's 60W per channel. Could it drive the MAs? It's a mid-nineties amp, if that makes any difference.

Unfortunately, being paid £3.68 an hour, I don't have the money to buy loads of new stuff, so if I have to buy a new amp too it's going to be at least 6 months before I can get both speakers and amp.

Many thanks in advance,

Joseph. :)

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No problem with 6 ohm speakers. My 85 watt amp drives 4 ohm speakers without any problem. MAs speakers are amongst the easiest to drive. I used to drive my RS6s with a 40 watt Arcam. Easy. :)

Edit - do take your Pioneer into Richer Sounds and listen to the Wharfedale Diamonds 10.1. Pioneer and Wharfedale is a terrific combo.



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