Can I connect my Toshiba HD DVD player to my CRT TV?


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Aug 10, 2019
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3 questions...

1) I recently purchased a knock-down price Toshiba HD-EP35 DVD player in advance of buying the 800 series Panasonic plasma, and thought I'd hook it up to my CRT TV beforehand to get used to the set up. My TV has only scart sockets, I think the HD DVD player has (apart from HDMI) only component out.

I bought a Component-to-Scart cable and connected the two, but there is no picture coming through. I can see that there is some recognition between the two devices as my TV switches from "Wide" to "4:3" and back again when the DVD player is turned on and off, but the screen itself remains blank.

If I had to guess I'd say its because if this is at all possible, the DVD player has to be set to a much lower resolution than the 1080i it comes set up as out of the box, but I really am a novice at all this. If I'm right, the problem is I can't see the set up screen to be able to change the resolution. If I'm wrong, what's the problem? And maybe I just have to wait until I get my plasma?

Any advice welcome.

2) Another question - I want to improve my cables, as per your advice, but the HD DVD instruction book says to not use any other power cable. Should I replace the power cable and if so what brand/model. Budget £30.

3) Finally, if I am to replace all freebie power cables (DVD, Plasma, Sky HD, Surround sound AMP) in what order should I do it if I can only afford to buy say one a month?

Much appreciated

PS Any news on date & price of the Panasonic TH42LZ800 ?


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Dec 28, 2007
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1) The HD-EP35 definitely has both S-Video and Composite outs. You can get converters which will allow you to plug these connections into your CRT (like this one). It's not great, but until you get your HDTV, I think it's the best you can do.

2) I think if you buy a better grade power cable for it this will be fine. That notice is probably for people who might replace it for a cheap power cable from Woolworths. To be sure though, I'd contact Toshiba and see what they say about whatever brand you have in mind.

3) The way I see it, you should work from the source up. Therefore, start with HD-DVD / DVD player, then Sky HD, then amp, then TV. There's nothing scientific about that, it's just what makes sense in my brain.


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