Can anyone help?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello :)

Im planning a speaker/amp set up for a games room in my house (we've had an extension built, we are doing a lot of the work ourselves & hoping to still have a few quid left for the fun stuff!!)

Its 4.5x4.1m room, specifically for a pool table, tv on the wall, 2 speakers positioned high on the tv wall (can't have floor standees because we can't have them getting in the way of the cues on those awkward cushion shots!)

We want hifi to start with, we have put speaker cable in for two speakers only, but will run another 2 cables probably this weekend - eventually we hope to have 4 speakers, all positioned high level, angled slightly downwards). I should point out, this is not a home theatre room. We have asset up in the lounge that we are happy with.

So, amp, budget £350, happy with 2nd hand & have been trawling eBay obsessively ! Speakers, although I hate the phrase, and admit it's a compromise, style speakers would be ideal, so they can be wall mounted and not stick out too much. Speaker budget £400 maybe stretch it if my arm is twisted...

And of course we will need a sub to look after the 'thump' :)

We'll be listening to all sorts, blues, rock, folk, acoustic ect, and would like to be able to crank it up...

Have looked at apex A10's, b&w M1's, Yamaha as-500/700 marantz pm7004, denon 710 ae, arcam a85,

Not sure what will work best..? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)


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Feb 22, 2010
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Probably not much help, but people often seem to come on to the forums wanting to set up four speakers running from a single stereo amp, but it's pretty pointless. From what I understand, stereo amps that let you run 2 sets of speakers are to let you do things like running another set of speakers in another room, rather than running 4 speakers simultaneously for more oomph.

In fact, running 4 speakers at the same time kind kind of defeats the purpose of a stereo amp because it will probably interfere with the stereo imaging (e.g. think of a 3D image which is created by having one image for your left eye and another one with slightly different perspective for your right eye. Any more than those two will confuse things, and I think the same applies to your ears when running a stereo amp. A surround amp is another matter).


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Jan 7, 2008
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I'd get a good budget AV receiver

and something like a KEF 2005.1 system in that situation.

I know you said it isn't AV, but if you have a TV and you set it up this way then you get the best of both worlds. Music you can set the mode to output on all channels and if you (say) stick the football on or something you can get the benefit of surround.

(By the way, the links are simply because RS came up in Google :) )


Thanks for the input guys :)

I was planning on starting with a stereo set up & changing to an av amp& running another 2 speakers further down the line if I wanted more oomph. (I know these 'style' speakers are small & might be lacking inthe oomph department).

I'm keen to get the best value for money, & definately want to start with stereo/sat/sub combo...

Has anyone heard the new M1's from B&W?

Any thoughts on if a stereo pair (plus sub) will be capable filling the room with good volume?

Thanks :)


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