Cambridge setup + speakers ?


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Nov 18, 2007
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got 640c and 640a v2 combo, what floor speakers from the list (diamond 9.5 - avant 906i - Boston VR2). want room-filling sound, good bass, good midrange and nice treble. overall should be pleasing sound. pls help. thanx.

John Duncan

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I was about to say "don't rule out better quality standmounters - pound for pound they give better sound (in my experience), even with seventy quid minimum thrown in for good stands."

But I think that rule only starts to apply at about the 500 quid mark. So ignore me, and add the Kef iQ5 and Tannoy Mercury F4 to your list. I haven't heard the Tannoy, but if they have the same signature as my old Revolution R2's then you should definitely hear them, as they were lovely.

John Duncan

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Agreed, and that's where I satrted off from, but then thought that in the context of this, a pair of 9.1s on stands (same sort of price) wouldn't be better than a pair of 9.3s. I'd rather have a pair of £1k standmounters than £1k floorstanders though.