Cambridge Audio Min22 and woofer, or some decent bookshelf speakers?


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Jan 3, 2016

I am looking to improve the speaker end of my HiFi set up.

I have a Project Debut Carbon turntable and CA Azur 651a amplifier. I can run my digital collection through the 651a so the CD player can wait until I've upgraded the speakers.

My current speakers are around 20 years olf from my TEAC MCD 78 mini hifi system.

They sound ok, but aren't sounding special enough. I'm mostly listening to Indie Rock (Charlatans, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys etc) and a bit of 90s house from my old record collection.

The room is our lounge/dining room which is about 8m long by 4m wide. Space is slightly tight so I was thinking along the lines of CA Minx Min22s and an X200 sub hidden away in the corner. Would that set up work with what I'm listening to? It's either that or a set of decent bookshelf speakers, but i'm not convinced my wife will want them taking up valuable space, and i'm also sure that our maniac 1.5 year old would take a very high interest in anything at finger poking level, so the Min22s mounted up in the ceiling corners seem like a good idea.

Any feedback, very much appreciated. I'm new at this so happy to learn :eek:)


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I had the original Min 20s with the middle X300 sub, and they were excellent, BUT the sub needs to be in corner, otherwise you'll find a sonic hole in the soundstage.


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Feb 13, 2016
I currently have the Minx Min 21s with a X200 sub set up with a Quad Vena amp. In my experience this works very well. The Min 21s are very clear, while the sub provides the needed bass support. The sub is in the corner near the curtains hence next to invisible in the room, while the Min 21s are mostly stored at the shelf below the TV. Music is already clear from that position, but when the kids are not around I usually move them to the upper shelf where they have more room to breathe.

I am looking at monitor/bookshelves for when I'll have more space, but am perfectly satisfied at present. The setup provides plenty of bass and clarity in the mids and highs, and the music is clearly audible in the whole room and further in the house if volume is turned higher. You do not need to sit in a perfect position to enjoy the music, although for a good soundstage you probably would have to position them properly. I'm not sure how they would perform with Indie rock as that's not what I usually listen to (mostly classic). My experience with for example Suzanne Vega, Diana Ross, Queen is toe-tapping good: the speakers can play at loud levels that have me worrying about the neighbours downstairs. Admittedly though I'm not used to very high levels, don't go to concerts, so if that's your cup of tea I'm not sure whether they would be up to your requirements. But they do not have a problem filling the room with clear music, and with vocals at normal levels it really is as if the singer is standing in the corner where the speakers are. I find it quite incredible what such tiny speakers can do (with sub support for the bass, but they already work well on their own).


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