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Aug 10, 2019
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Can anyone help me out with tips on how to cable up the equipment that will be delivered in the next couple of weeks please?

System will be Panasonic 42PZ70, Onkyo 605, Q Acoustics 1010i, PS3 bluray, Sony rdr-hxd970 dvd recorder, and sky +

At the moment, I have 2 of the Chord Company 1.3 silver plus HDMI Leads and am planning on getting, 30m of the QED Silver ann. xt for the speakers, a QED Qunex OT optical cable and a QED Squart 2110 scart for the sky+.

I'm a bit lost on whether the dvd recorder can be fixed into the Onkyo with just an HDMI cable or do I need an optical as well or any digital interconnect? If I need digital interconnects, how many will I need? Also, is it better to connect everything into the receiver and have just one HDMI going into the TV or connect what you can straight into the TV if there are available ports?

Any help greatly appreciated.


i prefer to keep away from the one hdmi thing and use optical digital from sky and blu ray


I have a very similar setup to yours - I have the Onkyo 605, PS3 , Sony rdr-hxd970 as you do plus I use a humax PVR. I have connected the PS3 and DVD recorder to the Onkyo via HDMI. Just one HDMI lead to the TV works for picture and audio and everything works great. Connecting them that way gives great picture and sound and lets the Onkyo do what I bought it to do. On the TV that means I don't have to mess with the input to switch between the PS3 and DVD.

The Humax is very limted on output (and the Onkyo does not have a scart input). For that I connected it to the TV direct via scart with an optical lead to the Onkyo for audio. Doing that works very well for me - I get good sound through the Onkyo. The only downside of the other connection to the TV is that I have to switch the input on the TV to watch the Humax. However, the remote for the Onkyo can be setup to control the TV for changing the input, as well as power on and off. So - for me that means I only need to the one remote (although I decided to use the Humax remote also for the time being).

However I have ordered a harmony remote to get beyond even that - which then means I can even turn on the fire and the ceiling fan with the same control as everything else (except the PS3 of course - bluetooth).

SO - in summary. Connect all you can to the Onkyo and have one output to the TV. That's what it does.


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