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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm new to the forums and thought I would post first all off to say hello, and secondly to share the system that I'm building. It would be great to have any comments or thoughts on what I'm doing....

Existing set up:

Panasonic TH-42PW4, B&W VM1 5.1 set up with B&W AS-1 Subwoofer, Marantz SR5200 AV receiver, Samsung DVD H1080R, Virgin Media V+ HD ready (but not activated).

Kit already bought for new set up:

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090, Primare SPA22 AV receiver with upgraded HD board.

Proposed rest of set up (please feel free to comment)

TIVO box with HD activated

Monitor Audio GS20 front's, these should provide great stereo listening as well and are quite affordable 2nd hand thanks to the new GX series.

Will keep the B&W VM1's for rears, they are quite aesthetically pleasing.

Likely to get the matching MA GS equivalent for the centre.

May upgrade the subwoofer in the future, but living in a Georgian town house with wooden floors I can't make too much noise, i.e when watching something like King Kong I don't want downstairs to think there is a fight between a giant ape and a T-Rex going on!

Considering the Cambridge audio DacMagic as most of my music will be streamed from ITunes or similar, not sure whether I could just get a USB to HDMI and put this straight into the HDMI board on the Primare??

Looking at either a Sony or Cambridge audio blu-ray player, for the occasional blu-ray, but mainly as a device to stream DLNA music from.

One more thing to mention, taste in music varies greatly, rock, classical, pop, Jazz...any genre thats produced good music (IMO). The room itself is high ceilings and about 20ft x 13ft.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!



My thinking behind this was that the DacMagic could send out a nice, clean signal and the Primare would run in analogue bypass mode. Whereas if I connect straight into the Primare HDMI, it's going to be processing using it's DAC and I won't get the full benefits of the amp?