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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi my current system is marantz cd6003 and pm6003 with monitor audio bronze bx2.
In your opinion what would be the best upgrade the new marantz cd6004 and pm6004 or the monitor audio bronz bx5

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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In what areas do you think your current sound needs improvement?

As much as the 6004s are touted as being an improvement in all areas over the 6003s, I think you'd be better looking at electronics in the next price bracket up from your current stuff for truly marked upgrade.

Don't forget there can be some good ex-demo/2nd hand bargains out there, especially if you go for traditionally unpopular brands or ranges (unpopular does not necessarily equate to being bad!)
I agree with BC. What do you want different and what are you happy with?

Your suggestions are really 'more of the same' and swapping out the amp and CDP will be costly for the level of improvement. You might consider a DAC, if you play mainly CDs, or a streamer if you fancy downloads. You will certainly get more bass with the bigger speakers, but you might find better sound with great stands and better cables, depending on what you use currently.


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