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Aug 10, 2019
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What a god send to find a forum where I do not feel like a geek or a nerd lol.

Anyway back to the subject.

I am a gadget freak, always have been since the days at Currys many many moons ago. I have finally decided to dump the Tosh 28" I stupidly bought 18 months ago and invest in a 32" LCD. This is going to be the base to build my new system around which will eventually include Sky +, Blueray and a decent set of hi-fi sperates incorporating surround sound. I am not really a gamer apart from the odd session on my old PS2 so it will be used mainly for tv and film.

I have been looking at the Panasonic TX32LMD70 which can be picked up for around the £450 - £500 mark, does anyone have any experience of this model either good or bad ?

I can't help noticing the vast array of £300 32" screens that seem to be everywhere you go these days and in every mail I get off ebuyer or the like. Are these false economy ? is the quality reflected in the price (silly question I know but what the hell). has anyone had any experice of any of these :

Hanspree YT07-32E1-000G 32"

Elonex Hyundai LNXTY-32F 32"

Vistron 32"

Polaroid FLU-3242 32"

Many thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the long winded post, its late on a sunday night and I have run out of coffee pods for the Tassimo (come back instant all is fogiven).

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May 30, 2007
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Sorry for the delay in replying - share your pain on the coffee front, as I had to descale the Gaggia yesterday so was reduced to a cafetiere for most of the day. It's no substitute!


I'd buy a screen a) from a brand I'd heard of and b) I could see before I bought it.

The LMD is essentially similar to the LXD model, but with a 50Hz refresh rate rather than the pricier model's 100Hz, so it may not be as surefooted when it comes to handling fast motion and rapid pans across the screen. That said, motion-handling is usually a Panasonic strength, so if you can take a look at one and like what you see, I'd say go for it.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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There are some decent cheap-and-cheerful models around in the small TV space (see our Supertest of 19-23in TVs in the issue out on Thursday for evidence of that), but once you get to 32in-size sets, flaws are far easier to spot - and harder to live with.

A lot of these cheaper no-name sets are based on flatpanels from several years ago, when LCD technology was in its patchy, smeary infancy. Things are immeasurely better now, and i'd strongly advise saving more money - assuming you're after many years of enjoyable viewing.

And you don't have to spend a lot more to get a far better set. For example - as this forums thread shows, you can get a five-star rated Toshiba 32in set for around £450.


Thanks for the swift replies, I was farely sure of the answer before I asked but just needed it confirming before parting with the cash. I have always been a Panasonic fan ever since and old Mastercare engineer I worked with took the backs off some old 21" sets to show me the differences in build quality. That same 21" is still going strong 12 years later without ever needing any repairs. I think If I am going to do this set up I might as well go the extra and invest in 100hz otherwise it will always be niggling in the back of my mind. I love been a gadget freak but it does nothing for the old bank balance !


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