Budget CD Transport - Blu Ray player?


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently use the CD section of a two box Denon DF101 mini system as a CD transport feeding my Musical Fidelity V-DAC. Whilst I'm very happy with the overall sound from my part-DIY system, I would like to remove the DF101 from the chain, largely because I also have to have the Denon amplifier connected, purely to enable the CD remote to operate. I also have an old Sony DVD player, and I am planning to remove a few boxes from my rack by buying a new DVD or Blu Ray player, both as a CD transport and as a video source. Blu Ray would be nice but not essential.

I am unclear as to:-

1. Will a budget Blu Ray or DVD player output a raw digital audio signal that can be processed by my DAC? I was thinking of the Sony BDPS 370 Blu Ray, or a Cambridge DVD99?

2. If possible, are the options above likely to result in a significant difference in sound from my current CD transport?

Any alternative suggestions, on a max £150 budget, very welcome

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
The answer to the first question is that yes it will, but of course the DAC will only handle stereo CD-quality or PCM signals, not multichannel Dolby/DTS variants.

The answer to the second part is really a matter of suck it and see: don't have any experience of using that Denon as a transport, so hard to make a call on that one...


A belated response to your helpful reply, Andrew.

After a chat with my local ever-helpful and knowledgeable Richer Sounds store, it was suggested that I trial a Pioneer BDP-LX70 as a CD transport. Software was even updated for me before collection. I was delighted with the sound quality and operation, and even more delighted with the discount price as an open-box item. It also fulfills my limited secondary requirement as a DVD player extremely well. The lack of compatability with the very latest Blu-Ray releases was clearly explained and is not an issue for me.


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May 1, 2008
I could be wrong but there may be a caveat with using a Blu-ray player connected to a DAC when playing movies:

I have the Sony BDP-S370 connected through stereo analogue - and the sound is so stunning for movies that I'm sure a DAC would make no improvement here.

For music it may do - but here I suspect that for a budget player like the 370, the transport would be the weak link instead of the built-in DAC.


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May 2, 2010
The transport on my cheaper Sony does chug along a bit on start up and loading of discs.
Whereas my Marantz never makes a sound