Bristol show - Sub, Sat joy!


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Jul 9, 2008
Hi All, Not sure what other people thought, but at the recent Bristol show I was astonished by two systems and both of them where simple sub sat systems! There was the Elac room with the 301.2 / 2030 system and the Q Acoustics 7000 in the NAD room. I felt that both systems gave an astonishing sound so much so that I kept going back to them for additional listens and am now thinking of buying one of the two! The Elac system was about twice the cost of the Q System from memory. I couldnt decide between the two. The Elac room gave a superb holographic image and the Q7000 was really punchy and rhythmic. Both seemed to have amazing dynamics for the system sizes. I think the Elac was better but was the extra detail worth twice the money not sure... Did anybody else out there have a listen and what are your thoughts? Thanks, Matthew

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Sub/sat systems really do seem to be improving at the moment. Did you listen to the B&W Mini Theatre package at the Bristol show? The M1 satellites really sound much bigger than they are, and produce a wonderfully open and rounded sound. The MT60D will be a little more than the Elac package, but the MT50 is definitely on target. Might be worth adding it to your list, regardless of how it sounded at Bristol (I didn't get to hear it at Bristol, so I'm going by how it sounds in store) :)
Aug 5, 2008
Hi Mallen,

Thank you for your kind comments about the Q Acoustics 7000 home cinema speaker package.

I'm very pleased to report that we received a lot of praise, about both its appearance and sonic performance, from visitors to the show.

Very best regards,

Steve Reichert, PR Manager - Armour Home (Q Acoustics)