Brand new Sub acting up!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I splurged my rent money yesterday
on a Quad L-ite speaker system after about 2 years of wanting to jump onto the Home Theater bandwagon.

However, there's absolutely no sound coming from the L-ite sub!! All it seems to have is a continuous hum and nothing else! The hum remains even when the line level input is removed.

I've made sure the speaker settings on my amp (arcam 300) are correct and tried to get some test tones through the sub with no luck. Just a constant hum. The hum cannot possibly be from the mains either as the sub's connected through an isolator.

Additionally, the heat sink on the sub's back seems to get exceptionally hot just after 15 min of it being switched on (with no input). The hum stays when the sub is put on standby too!!

Looks like I might have a faulty sub.. but just wanted to see some advice on whether there's anything else I might be able to try out to check?

Thanks in advance.



Thanks Andrew.

That's what I thought too but wanted a second opinion. Called up Bartlett's hifi (top notch service, I must add) and they said they'd place an order for a replacement sub so that I should have it before the weekend.


Update: Got the sub replaced. It was indeed a duff one. It almost seemed like the speaker cone was locked up!

I haven't had the time to run the sub in yet, however the integration with the satellites is absolutely superb and it really adds an extra dimension to cinema / music.

The volume does need to be cranked up a bit on this sub, though. Level is set to 80 (+2 sub trim as well). On listening to stereo music, the amp is set to reduce sub output by 10 db which is perfect for music.

Thanks again, Andrew, for your reply.


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