BR used for undecoded audio bitstream to AV - is the quality of BR important?


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Aug 10, 2019
If I use amplifier to decode audio sent from blue ray via HDMI, then is the quality of the BR important for the overall quality of sound? And similar question to vision - if I use AV amplifier to process vision, how BR may influence it?


If you use amplifier to decode audio, then the sound quality of your blu ray player shouldn't matter (although some people say that the quality of bitstream also matters, which I don't believe).

I don't know about vision....I thought the amp was for audio only

Depending on which TV you have, your TV should upscale DVDs. And if it upscales excellently, then again it wouldn't matter what the quality of DVD upscaling of your blu ray player is. With regards to blu-ray playback, there's hardly any difference in PQ between the players, to warrant that sort of premium.


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Aug 20, 2008
I have noticed differences with players sound characteristics when sending digital data, however I've found those differences to be more subtle than some reviews would lead you to believe, certainly no where near as variable as onboard blu-ray sound decoding. In that respect I don't think I'd buy a 4 figure blu-ray player whereas I would buy a good quality CD player for example.

With regard to vision, I've used 3 different HDMI AV amps for video switching and all of them, even if only passing through the video picture, add some sort of picture degradation which you don't get if you connect direct to the TV.


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