Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II


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Oct 6, 2022
Considering that many people use earbuds for convenience rather than serious listening, £279 is far too expensive for the majority of people, especially when you can spend that much on a really good pair of over the ear headphones which would equal or better the vast majority of earbuds on the market today. No aptX support is also inexcusable at the price, especially when you can get that and excellent audio quality from the likes of the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ for just £49.95. Bose products are for those people with more money than sense and always have been.


Nov 1, 2022

You're missing the point of the product though. It was never meant to be the best hifi earbuds.
What you get is great sound quality (wich many others also have) in a package with top of the line ANC which the earbuds you mentioned does not have.. However the absence of aptX is just bad.
These earbuds are for people who wanna use the best ANC in their daily commute and possibly their workspace rather than sitting in their home listening to music. And for some customer segments price isn't an issue. This was never meant for the "majority of people". Just because something doesn't make sense for you doesn't mean it's stupid.

I'm not a Bose user either but it seems quite clear that you just wanna bash on the brand rather than seeing who's the product is made for. 🤷‍♂️
Nov 4, 2022
Add to that the world class Bose Customer Service. I have currently the Sony WF-1000MX4.
They failed two times during warranty and I had to miss them for 6 weeks.

Prior to that, I have used Bose QC-20i‘s for years. When I had a problem. I had to ship them to Bose and received a replacement pair within a week, including a new 2-year warranty. I gladly pay more.


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