Bose Companion 20 or B&W MM-1


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Sep 5, 2011
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Hello i have to choose between those speaker. Both sound great but mm-1 can use its internal dac...but only 16 bits dac and my imac have 24 bits dac. For that i have to connect mm-1 with analogue cable to my imac obtain the best quality. not? For 24 bits...other question is. How much good is the dac-amp internal of the mm-1 to use with grado sr325is headphone?. If i buy bose i will connect grado directly to my imac. Worth 200£ more MM-1?.i have read some reviews that say me please!


i can only help with what speakers to choose heres my veiw

B&W mm1 hifi sound in other words great sound! but i felt the sound didnt travel any further than straight in front of you. So for filling a room in my opinion they aint any good

on the other hand bose can fill a room but in my opinion bose sound quality has a nack of being really clear, but is it hifi sound no! the arguments as far as bose goes its simlple its clear its loud but it aint hifi sound eg thers no instrument seperation like the way it should be! maybe have a look at audio engine a2 and audio engine a5 good price and good quality pc speakers hopes this helps!


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