BOSE Advice Needed!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
First post on here and I know I'm setting myself up for some stick admitting that I've bought some Bose gear......

I have recently bought five BOSE Cube speakers, they are double speakers and I think that they are "Lifestyle" ones. At the back of the speaker housing they have a button that pushes in to connect the cables.

(1) The cubes didnt come with a Sub and I know I need one. If I stick to BOSE, is it only the "Lifestyle" series of Sub that I should be looking at? Does it matter what "Series" etc? I've seen some of the Subs are "powered" and some of the earlier ones are not, what should I go for?Do I "have" to go with a BOSE Sub or could I theoretically go with a KEF or similar unit?

(2) My idea is to run the audio of my TV and connect my SONY seperates system through these. I guess I will need an AV Receiver to do this and although I'm not the expert, I dont think that I "have" to have a BOSE one? If I didnt go for BOSE any suggestions of which one I should go for? I've looked at Richer Sounds and there are a few around the £200 level, a couple of SONYS, YAMAHAS and ONKYO, any suggestions? Should I be looking for some specific, or trying to avoid something?

(3) The system is going into a new extension which was recently built. I installed cables in the wall and they are ordinary good quality HiFi cables not BOSE. The cubes that I have bought look as if they can take a "bare" wire but what about the other end? Do they go into the AV Receiver or the Sub? Will I need to get phono plugs on the ends or does the Sub / Av Reciever take a bare wire?

(4) I have a feeling that if I use a BOSE Sub, that the cubes connect to it directly. If that is so, assuming I dont use a BOSE AV Receiver, what do I use to connect the Sub/Cubes to the Receiver? What kind of cable?

I know there are a few questions, so my apologies and thanks in advance.



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Feb 7, 2009
I would definately stick with bose for the sub. The sub is probably also providing a high pass crossover for the cubes. The sub and cubes are designed to work together. Bose get's a lot of bad press from hifi people, but the cubes and sub can sound decent. Good luck.

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Not sure why they get bad press. There are very limited outlets in the UK so I wouldn't of thought many have heard BOSE brand - I certainly haven't. The Bose stuff I've heard is in-car hi-fi...


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Oct 30, 2009
I have a Bose Acoustimass 15 system (complete with sub ! ) and it suits our needs perfectly, as it sounds good and is virtually invisible.


Well its good to see that at least I'm not getting any stick yet, but is early days!

If anyone could answer some of my questions though it would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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