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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to buy a set of stereo speakers for my main living room which will be used for general entertaining and dining. It is currently my TV room but I'm moving that downstairs which frees up this room for a hifi system. The room is about 30m2 and connects to the kitchen which is about 20m2. I am currently looking to get a set of Paradgm Studio 20's hooked into a Marantz CR603. I like the Marantz as all of my music is on either my server or my iPad and the Airplay feature is really needed. The revews of the Marantz say that it's got reasonable power to run bookshelf speakers. It's got all the features I am looking for in a single unit. Use will be for general listening, parties and dinners. It will not be setup as a dedicated listening room.

My budget is not huge. I hoping to spend around $2000 - 2500aud total. The Studio 20's are $1300 and the CR603 is about $900. I sampled a set of Studio 60's yesterday in the shop. The quality was brilliant but the bottom end was very thin, I would expect that the 20's would be even thinner. I am concerned that the 20's will not give me the output to fill the room and am questioning whether I should be looking for a tower speaker instead. I accept that I will have to sacrifice quality for 'quantity'. Would something like the Paradigm Monitor 7 or Mission MX4 be a better option or would this Amp be underpowered for these full range speakers, and therefor be the limiting factor in this system? At a point in the future I would be happy to add a nice sub to the Paragims to fill in the bottom end; in fact I have a Yamaha 8" sub I could add to them now if I need to.


Hi Brad, and welcome to the madness!

Matching speakers with the 603 is one of the most asked questions here, so try to trawl through the threads you will find here:-

I regret I am not familiar with the Paradigms. However, the power needs of floorstanders is often less as they are invariably more efficient, to the tune of 2 or 3dB, so don't let that concern you. The 603 is worthy of speakers costing up to about double its cost, based on UK prices, though is more often paired with those costing half.


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